Ukraine needs you now more than ever.

Russia invaded Ukraine without provocation or justification. The military forces of Ukraine stand their ground and repel the aggression, but it’s very difficult against one of the largest armies of the world; so we all must help to save Ukraine, preserve human rights and democratic values in the world.

Vyshyvanka project: the Spiritual Armor of Ukraine

Fundraising for Body Armor and Medical through embroidery known as “Spiritual Armor”. Through these beautiful and affordable artworks, you can directly help to save the lives of brave humans fighting a brutal war.

How your donation will help people in Ukraine


We work with charities that provide hot meals for people affected by the war.

Tactical Gear

We purchase and deliver crucial equipment that saves lives. Most of it is not available for purchase in Ukraine.

Medical Supplies

Providing critical medical supplies for Ukrainian soldiers and civilians.


Help Children

Supporting non-profits and shelters which accommodate children affected by the war.

What's needed

Tactical Tourniquets

Tourniquets are a simple and affordable way to help save the lives of civilians, defenders, and volunteers in Ukraine....

To Go:$6,886

Save Lives with Vests

Some of the best defenders at the front lines still don't have bulletproof vests and often have to share. A few days...

To Go:$6,645

Medical supplies

A suitcase filled with tactical medical kits and their supplements. These critical items can’t be bought in Ukraine.

To Go:$0