Spiritual Armor (8 X 8 in)


This intricate hand made art piece started its life as a “vyshyvanka” which is a garment made with Ukrainian ethnic embroidery, also known as “Spiritual Armor”. By hanging one on your wall you can directly help to save Ukrainians lives as and support local artisans.


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Women have been weaving spells of protection into embroidered garments known as “vyshyvanka” since the 6th century, they’ve also been known as Ukraine’s “Spiritual Armor”. But this year, Ukraine needs a different kind of armor: body armor. To raise funds, we have began deconstructing ethnic embroidered garments to create this beautiful wall art, embroidered by artisans in Ukraine and reconstructed in the studio of artist Inga Bard in San Francisco.

As this brutal war continues on, you can support Ukrainians by purchasing this gorgeous and affordable art. All of the proceeds will go directly towards procuring body armor and medical supplies.


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